AmyPezzWelcome! I'm an extremely lucky person: I get to photograph people in love and those they love most! That means engagements, weddings, maternity, kids, and pets. Not too bad, huh?

I accept 15 wedding commissions per year. I find weddings to be extremely challenging- sort of like game day for you football fans or a ballet performance at the Bolshoi. On one day I need to muster all of my physical strength (8 hours of cameras and equipment, in various poses), mental acuity (anticipating every moment), skill (manipulating available tools and light to achieve my vision), and experience (weddings since 2003 in varying conditions) to create an exceptional artistic product...with an easygoing, calm, smiling exterior. Some people just can't do them; I was made for them! There's fashion, still life, portrait, editorial, event...even food, all rolled into one. Fun!

I've been a professional photographer since 2000. Prior to photography I was designing museums- all the cool experiences that happen inside them, like creating/prototyping exhibits, researching/writing the signage, doing custom photography...which is how I found out I was good enough to do photography full-time. Before that, I was firmly entrenched in the non-profit world of science museums and science teaching. I still keep one foot in the museum world by volunteering for the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. I graduated summa cum laude from Johnson State College in VT with a B.S. in Environmental Science after transferring from American University in D.C. where I'd been studying International Communications.

You can find some examples of my work here and on; I'd really encourage you to meet with me to see the finished product. For those of you planning destination weddings, we can take care of it all online and through some really great event planners. I am an experienced traveler. Just give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

Thanks for visiting! Amy Pezzicara 813.598.2118