Greetings from Scotland

So I've managed to cross the pond again! We're in Edinburgh right now, eating lots of Indian, Thai, and high-end vegetarian food. Everything seems to be organic in the U.K. I've found a street, statue, and castle from clan Dundas, which is my mother's side. I also just peeked in on a wedding here in our hotel- and got all misty-eyed during the final song of the evening! I'm such a sucker for weddings! Now these Stag and Hen parties...they're just something else. We've seen women in costumes partying all over the place!

Tomorrow morning we're going on an underground tour of Mary Kings Close. Then it's off for one night at Dalhousie Castle. We take a train back to London on Monday so my husband can go to Wimbledon and I can wander around photographing London, one of my favorite cities in the world.

Cheers! (photos upon my return)