Valerie + Shannon: the clouds parted

Outdoor summer weddings can be a bit tricky never know when it's going to rain (this was the end of August).  It was raining in Tampa, so I played the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun while getting ready to go.  Then I saw a rainbow on my way over to St. Pete, so I took that as a good sign. Valerie, her mom, and I rode over to Spa Beach in a horse-drawn carriage.  There were menacing clouds behind the downtown skyscrapers, but only a sun shower sprinkled on us while waiting for the ceremony to start.  Then the sun poured through the clouds, opening up blue skies for the entire ceremony.  The bride and groom were framed by palms with a backdrop of water, sailboats, and the pink Vinoy.  It was beautiful!  We even had time for the world's fastest formals afterward before the rain rolled in again.

Nice touches included the groom, Shannon, singing to the bride, bright green paper parasols, and hot pink fans.  Oh, and the dolphins, on cue of course!