Megan + Dylan: Not Just Another Pretty Place

Ahhh, crisp fall air, leaves just changing, fog that sinks into the valley. All I needed was a bride... and I got one, a super sweet bride and groom in North Carolina. The rehearsal was a casual dinner around a bonfire at the Key Falls Inn, just south of Asheville. I awoke the next morning to a deep fog around the B&B, so I slipped out to explore and take a quick hike before breakfast. Then the bride asked if I wanted to wander around and shoot the dress (how could I resist?!). The barn! The archway by the pond! Hooray! So we were a little late for breakfast...

I'll skip ahead to the ceremony location, at the top of Cedar Mountain on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. The real name may be Symmes Chapel, but everyone calls it "Pretty Place".  They're not exaggerating, it has a stunning view (a rather challenging, backlit view if you're photographing it) of the mountains.  Megan would probably like me to fast forward through the emotional the centerpieces, yes, centerpieces.

Bonsai trees, river rocks and moss. Very unusual.  I've never seen centerpieces like these.  Perfect for this couple.

Oh yes, and it gets better.  The newlyweds agree to get dressed again on Sunday morning for a little shoot at the B&B.  In the fog.  I am a happy photographer.