Happy New Year!

So wedding season is over and my workload is getting back to normal.  So that means I can post again!  I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ at Imaging USA.  It's a conference for photographers that are members of PPA.  Classes start at 7 a.m. (thank goodness for the two hour time difference) and there's time mid-day for roaming the trade show floor.  The classes are great for inspiration, business tips, etc. and the expo is where I research new products to offer my clients.  Paul is here with me, so I meet him for lunch and dinner.  Phoenix is one of our favorite cities and Paul has spent a lot of time here, so the fav restaurant list is quite long.  So far we've hit Pizzeria Bianco, Pane Bianco, Fate, and Lisa G's.  Tonight might be Sens (a new one by the owner/chef of Fate).  We also went hiking on Squaw Peak (aka The Buns of Steel hike) on Saturday.

So we're here until Wednesday morning, when we fly (weather permitting) to Chicago for a day.  Then it's home to digest everything I've learned, come up with some 2009 business resolutions, and make my clients happy!