ESPN the Magazine's NEXT event

The Super Bowl XLIII whirlwind in Tampa was quite fun.  I drove through command central every day on the way to the studio and, despite the traffic, thoroughly enjoyed the energy downtown.  I was contacted by the Event Eleven production company (out of L.A.- check out the stunning events on their website) to shoot room shots for the ESPN the Magazine's Next Party.  They had a huge, 20,000 sq. ft. domed tent taking up at least a city block (maybe two) downtown.  You could see in the open end from the Crosstown.  Inside was a stage for Wycleaf Jean, a four-sided bar in the center surrounded by white fabric panels for video projection, lounge areas, a Castrol "garage" for a race car, and a "play" area with virtual golf and other games.  I ran into Lauren Berner, from  our local Catering by Design, who was doing the catering for the night.  And, no, we didn't stay for the party; after 3 hours of shooting in the cold we were ready to go home!  I believe they opened the red carpet around 9 p.m. and within minutes the tent was full of people...1300+ people.BizBash published the event in their Super Bowl report: The Next Step

Production company: Event Eleven

Catering: Catering by Design


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