Platinum Weddings: airing Sunday, February 22, 2009

Concept BAIT, Table Six Productions, and Chocolate Pi produced a stunning wedding under the scrutiny of Platinum Weddings camera crews.  The wedding finally airs today!  I was brought in to do the environmental shots of the set up.  I tried to stay as far away from the camera crews as possible! Bling was the theme of the day at a private estate in St. Petersburg.  Concept BAIT erected a beautiful tent on the property, using the coolest dance floor I've ever seen (like thousands of lenses) and draping crystals everywhere.  Chocolate Pi continued the theme, with crystals and faux jewelry adorning the cake.  Each chair at the waterside ceremony had a large "crystal" paperweight atop the program.  The ringbearer rolled down the aisle in a toy Mercedes dragging large faux rings.

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