Leysin, Switzerland

Leysin is a tiny town perched on a mountain, with a 1000 foot elevation change from the bottom of the town to the top (read: all walks seem to be uphill, both ways, my calves were screaming for the next two days). We reached Leysin by taking a train from Paris to Lausanne, Switzerland, then another train around Lake Geneva to Aigle, and finally a slow cog train up the mountain.  I was surprised by how "engineered" the hillsides were- all carved into terrace after terrace for grape vines.We took a little half hour hike up the "hill" to Chalet-Restaurant de Prafandaz for a wonderful dinner, including traditional Swiss fondue.  The panoramic below shows the view on the way up.    While waiting for our fondue, I tramped out to the Prafandaz overlook for a view of the sunset and ended up in snow to my knees.  It was a good thing our waitress took an ax and chopped wood for the stove, because my feet were soaked!  The next morning my sister and I took the telecabine (gondola) to the ski resort on top of the mountain.  There was still plenty of snow for skiing up there, but no sledding allowed!  The sign is surprising, because nothing else seemed to be out of bounds. Leysin