Working Week: 7 shoots in 8 days

When I became a photographer, I thought I was going to be shooting several times a week.  Ha!  Silly me.  Most of my time is spent in front of the computer editing, meeting with clients and vendors, returning calls, bookkeeping, and researching.  I usually get to pull out the cameras once a week.  So imagine my surprise when I actually got to shoot almost every day for a whole week!  It was daunting going in, but once I got going, it was great!  I'm like a rechargeable Energizer bunny- I get all my power from people. On Friday I shot the Tampa Bay Wine & Food Festival at the Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach (great fun, tons of super friendly people, working barefoot in the sand), then drove through a storm to the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota for the V Foundation gala (they raised over a million for research!).  Saturday it was back to Sarasota through another downpour to Dick Vitale's home to shoot a smaller V Foundation event (both planned by Mary Kenealy Events and catered by the Ritz-Carlton).  Sunday I went kayaking in Safety Harbor and learned rescue techniques with a very curious manatee.  Monday I hit the gym, then downloaded all my images, made backup copies, recharged the camera equipment, and started culling images.  On Tuesday my second 1TB hard drive arrived...and I started backing up weddings from 2005-2007 so I could get them off my main computer and store a second set at my house.  I drove through more rain to photograph a NACE event (catering by the Vinoy, organic cakes by It's Icing on the Cake, and all the friendly faces of my fellow wedding vendors) at the Vinoy's Sunset Ballroom.  Wednesday I continued the big backup and downloaded Tuesday's images, etc., then headed over to Catering By Design for a tasting (no shooting, just networking and eating their delicious food).  Thursday I charged the camera gear again and drove through another downpour to Skypoint in downtown Tampa to shoot a Tampa Bay Illustrated event.  Low and behold, Catering by Design was there with more delicious temptations!    Friday: download cards, backup images, charge gear, zip over to Botanica to photograph several bouquets, then change and drive through yet another downpour to shoot a fellow photographer's wedding reception at the Winter Park Farmer's Market (flowers by Raining Roses, catering by Puff 'n Stuff) in Orlando.  Whew!  Are we seeing a trend here?  I need to go to the gym to work off all this fabulous catered food...and it's raining cats and dogs.  Saturday I met a very nice couple for a consultation, downloaded Friday's cards, and went home to sleep!  This past Monday I started editing...and spent all week doing just that (and networking, client calls, researching new proofing systems, shipping products).  I suppose I should pull a few photos to post?  ;)