new year's resolution #2: volunteer for nilmdts

I started the process in January, and it took a few months to get everything squared away- but no one said your New Year's Resolutions need to be completed right away! What is nilmdts? It's a non-profit I'd known about for a year, but hadn't been able to get up the guts to join. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep connects photographers with parents whose newborn will not be leaving the hospital. My job is to provide (free of charge) photography to help families heal. I cried during the presentation, teared up while signing up, teared up while trying to explain it to my husband, and again when visiting the website. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous before my first session. However, one of the volunteers assured me that I'd go into photographer mode once I started to click. Sure enough, I calmed down upon arrival and went to work. Yes, it's very sad, but love is beautiful.  I have the ability to capture that love on film and present the family with a portrait to cherish forever.  What could be more important?

In the mood to give back?  Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep always needs more photographers.  I volunteer for Heart Gallery and Florida Museum of Photographic Arts too. Let me know and I'll hook you up with the appropriate people.