Personal Work: Underwater

BTS: Last week I blocked off a couple hours to create some personal work.  It's a rare occasion to find the time: I have to make the time and schedule it and treat it like a client's session.  So to achieve this, I had to borrow a model, a pool (thanks Aaron), and an underwater housing (thanks Michelle) for my camera.  My model, Missy, put on as much waterproof makeup as she could secure and brought every "flow-y" garment she could find in both black and white.  We then spent two hours submerging ourselves: me weighted with my diving belt and wearing goggles, she holding her breath (no bubbles!) and attempting each pose I suggested while trying to get her hair to float a certain way.  We discovered that my flash triggers don't work through water, which I'm sure I'll figure out with the help of some more technical photographers.  I also learned that next time a snorkel/mask will help with breathing and keeping water out of my sinuses!  We shot more than 650 images, downloaded them into Lightroom, and flagged our favorites.  We then looked at only the flagged images and chose three to work on that night.  Hopefully I'll be able to play with a few more soon.  I've included my absolute favorite here.

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