Pezz Photo (a.k.a. me) offers standalone engagement sessions, intimate elopements, and full wedding collections, annual family, kid and pet sessions for greeting cards, flexible options for maternity through your baby's first year, mitzvah collections, and blend-in-with-your-guests coverage for parties, non-profit galas, and multi-day corporate events. I also photograph editorial/commercial work such as food, content for restaurants and cookbooks, interiors, headshots and branding for small businesses.



Depending on your needs, I can offer collections or custom quotes. I have collections for weddings, mitzvahs, and Baby's First Year. Portrait Sessions start at $350. Headshots start at $175. Hourly rates start at $350 depending on your needs. Wedding Collections start at $4900.  You can learn more here.



I’ve been photographing weddings, events and portraits since 2001. I added commercial work, such as food and restaurants, in 2009.



I shoot with professional full-frame Canon cameras (5D Mark III and IV),  a Fuji mirrorless, several fast lenses and lighting setups as warranted by the event/location.


Are you insured/licensed?


Yes, I carry liability insurance which allows me to work at every venue. I have equipment insurance and a business license.


Where do we meet for our complimentary consultation?


I work out of my home in South Tampa and will send you directions.


Have you been published?


Yes, several times (and it's still exciting)! I've tried to make a list.


Do you charge sales tax?


Yes, we are required to collect sales tax on invoices that include a physical product delivered in Florida. You are responsible for paying sales tax in your respective state if receiving products outside of Florida.

I don't see my type of photographic need on your website. Do you do __________ (fill in the blank)?


I might, just ask! If I'm not the right photographer for you, I will refer you to someone who will do a great job.




How many weddings per weekend? One

Per year? I limit weddings to 15 per year.

Do you travel? Yes, happily. I've shot weddings throughout Florida, in Colorado, North Carolina, Italy and the Bahamas.

Is there a travel fee? Sessions located within 1.5 hours of Tampa do not incur a travel fee.

How many pictures do we receive?  I average 150 finished images per hour of coverage.

Do you bring a second shooter? Depending on the wedding collection, I either bring an assistant or a second shooter. It's nice to have a second shooter so I can be in two places at once!

We just want to elope. Is that okay? Go for it! We can do something fun for pictures with just the two of you or with your family/friends.

Are wedding planners worth it? Yes, they really are. Tell me about your needs and I can recommend some fantastic planners.

Do you do video? I leave video to the experts and am happy to recommend several that are great to work with.




Where do you shoot engagement sessions? I like to photograph engagement sessions where you live, and that's often in New York, D.C., Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco!

How long is an engagement session? Approximately 1.5 hours and pain-free.

We haven't done this before. Do you have any tips? Sure, happy to help. Just click here.

What should we wear? If you feel great in it, you’ll look great! Choose something that’s easy to move around in, sit on the ground, etc. Lots of ideas here.

Can we bring our pets?  Yes! It's helpful to bring a family member or friend to help wrangle, or you can have Fairy Tail Pets help out!

Are engagement sessions included in your wedding collections? Yes! I call it a “get to know you session”. After years of shooting weddings, I know that the wedding day goes so smoothly when we've already shot together. You'll have already seen the images we can create, so you and your family/friends trust me that much more.

We've already hired a photographer for our wedding in Bali, but will you do an engagement session for us? I'm sad, but yes! ;) I recover quickly! Engagements are one of my favorite types of sessions.



Where do you shoot them? At your home, in a park, at the beach...it depends on what works for you as a family.

How long does it take? 1-1.5 hours

Do you do mini-sessions? Not at this time. I haven't found a way to make them work with the types of images/experience I like to deliver.

Can you handle kids? Sure! I used to be a teacher. I love it when you play and have fun.  Happy kids are great to photograph. You set the tone for the session. If you're having fun, the kids will too. That being said, if a child gets sick, we should reschedule.

Can we include pets? Yes! I love all animals and even worked in a teaching zoo.

Bikes, paddleboards, picnics? Yes! And boats!

Can you make me taller/thinner/younger/smarter? Hee, hee. That one was just offered by a former groom who was calling to refer me a wedding as I was writing this (Thanks, J.!)  I am going to make you look your best! And you're always welcome to join me for a bike ride!

How far ahead do I need to schedule with you? I often have openings two weeks out, but for the most flexibility I suggest calling a month ahead.

How much is a session? Family sessions start at $350.

What does that include? Your session fee includes a consultation, my creative time on the shoot, editing afterwards, and an in-person review session. Images are posted in an online gallery and are available for purchase as prints, digitals or books/gifts.

What should we wear? I suggest that your outfits coordinate, but not match. Be comfortable. Be you. Here are some ideas.

My tween is having trouble with self-confidence. Can a photo session help them see how beautiful they really are? Middle school is hard! I really believe that a fun, positive portrait session boosts self-esteem. I just love doing sessions with this age group and include them with all my Mitzvah Collections.



Woohoo! I'm pregnant! What are my options? We can do a maternity session and then individual sessions with the baby, or you can sign up for a baby plan– it significantly reduces your per-session cost.

When do you schedule the sessions? We do maternity sessions when you're really showing, but before you get uncomfortable, usually around 7-8 months. I suggest doing newborn sessions in your home within two weeks of birth. The next fun milestones are: sitting up, crawling and one year. All sessions are shot on location, which we will plan together.

How much are sessions? Individual sessions are $350. Baby plans reduce your session price and include discounts on final products as the number of sessions increase.

What does that include? Your session fee includes a consultation, my creative time on the shoot, editing afterwards, and an in-person review session. Images are posted in an online gallery and are available for purchase as prints, digitals or books/gifts.

How far ahead do I need to schedule with you? I often have openings two weeks out, but for the most flexibility I suggest calling a month ahead.


I'm planning a non-profit gala fundraiser. Will you shoot it? Of course! I have photographed many fundraisers over the years. They're quite fun! I create images that help you thank this year's sponsors as well as help you promote the event next year. Please get in touch for availability and non-profit pricing.

We're throwing a dinner/graduation/birthday party in our backyard. Should we hire a photographer? Yes, from 30 people to 600...you relax and have fun. I'll document the fun and blend in with the décor.

I've invited 200 of our closest friends for my husband's surprise Oscars-themed party at the Breakers...yes, that was a fantastic one!

We're in charge of our son's rehearsal dinner. Do you shoot those? Yes, you can do it using the rate in their wedding collection or separately for $350/hr.

I'm hosting a three-day destination celebration. Will you travel and cover all of the events? Yes, just get in touch to discuss!

My child's mitzvah has just been scheduled for 2021. How do we book you now? I have three mitzvah collections, starting at $3900, that suit most celebrations. All include a separate session with your soon-to-be teen. Come in and we can discuss the details.

Our company will have a tent at the Super Bowl. Can you document our events? Yes, I live near downtown Tampa and shot for a large company during the last Super Bowl we hosted.